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Living Sky Outfitters

Duck Creek Outfitters - Living Sky Outfitters - World Class Waterfowl Hunting in Saskatchewan Canada and Oregon

Welcome to Duck Creek Outfitters / Living Sky Outfitters


Living Sky Outfitters operates in Oregon as Living Sky Outfitters, and in Canada as Duck Creek Outfitters, LLC. We have been in business (and using the name LIVING SKY OUTFITTERS) for the last eight years and part of that time we Operated in Canada under the name Living Sky Outfitters.

While I was sick with Cancer and going through chemotherapy, the name registration in Canada exipired -- and to be honest, I had my dogs in a more important fight. During that time, someone else obtained the name in Canada to operate a bird hunting outfit. I'm not sure if they took the name intentionally or unintentionally (You can speculate on that), but shortly thereafter they wanted to sell me back MY NAME. The price they were asking was CRAZY and this outfitter does not make that kind of money. So, Thanks to Canadian Law, we have changed the name in Canada to DUCK CREEK OUTFITTERS LLC.

The Cancer has been gone now for over two years, and we are running as strong as ever. Whether you want to call us Living Sky Outfitters or Duck Creek Outfitters -- whether you want to hunt with us in Canada or in Oregon, let us know. Our facilities are better than ever, and the birds will be there!

Thank you for your concerns,

Sykes Mitchell,
Owner and Operator
Duck Creek Outfitters/Living Sky Outfitters
World Class Waterfowl Hunting

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